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I have been granted by Mondriaan fonds with a voucher to continue researching the possibilities of ceramics with my work under the teachings of Bastienne Kramer!


Starting my Art in Residency in Academie Schloss Solitude!


Going to Paris with Gallery Maurits van der Laar , Drawing now!


I am so delighted to announce that is work is going to be at the Art Collection of the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. 


Art Rotterdam  with Maurits van de Laar


Solo Exhibition at Gallery Maurits van de Laar ‘Is this Desire?’


Group show curated by Mirjam Westen at Phoebus Gallery with :

1.  Wafae Ahalouch
2.  Christine Ayo
3.  Atousa Bandeh
4.  Diana Basyouni Al-Halabi
5.  Esiri Erheriene-Essi
6.  Susanna Inglada
7.  Alicia Framis 
8.  Gluklya 
9.  Susanne Khalil Yusef
10.  Yuchen Li
11.  Carine Mansan
12.  Lana Mesić
13.  Beth Namenwirth
14.  Helma Pantus
15.  Vanessa Jane Phaff
16.  Müge Yilmaz


Group exhibition in Escher in het Paleis


Art on Paper, Brussels. Represented by Maurits van der Laar. 


My work was on TV in two different countries !!!

On TV3 Cat (ES), here link: TV3 Comarques

 and NPOstart (NL), here Link: Program : Into naturegemist? start met kijken op NPO Start


Solo exhibition in el Medol, Tarragona, Spain.


Thank you for sharing my work in NRC, Volkskraant, and Museumtijdschrift !


I am participating in Into Nature Biennial !


Happy to be part at the Group Exhibition, Roma, siempre Roma. Infinitas miradas, infinitas formas. Mujeres de la Academia en las artes visuales. 

The work that is own by the Academy is going to shown at :

Sala Naves de Gamazo in Fundación Enaire, Santander, ES 


I am taking part at CODA Paper Art 2023 in Museum CODA Appeldorn, NL.

“Intriguing and imposing, dynamic and colorful or sober and modest, delicate and moving. Cut, folded, torn, pasted, recycled, edited, painted, cut, and glued. Every other year, CODA Paper Art shows the full breadth of paper art, varying from small works of art and objects to life-sized installations that come into their own in CODA’s high, light space. While some objects and works of art highlight a social or current theme or touch on the personal life of the artist, other works tell a (material) technical story. With this eleventh edition, CODA Museum brings together the work of artists from the Netherlands and abroad. Big and compelling, but also small and nice.”


Thank you NRC!


I am participating in ArtIsland represented by Maurits van der Laar, Medusa is coming back! :



Drawing Now! Paris with Maurits van der Laar 🙂


I am excited to let you know that I will be showing in February at two art fairs :

February 8-12 Art Rotterdam with Maurits van der Laar

February 22-27 Urvanity Art Fair Madrid with Gabinete del dibujo

Looking forward to that!


Duo at Kunstlinie , Almere !



Saturday 30 July at half past three will open the summer exhibition ‘Witch!’.

With new works by Jimini Hignett, Ayo, Remco Torenbosch, Susanna Inglada, Beth Namenwirth, Laurence Herfs, Hertog Nadler and Rose Akras. 

Kempkebosweg 2 – 9591 VG Onstwedde



Summershow at Galerie Maurits van der Laar .

Sam Hersbach, Susanna Inglada, Jantien Jongsma
Ronald Versloot, Dan Zhu

paintings works on paper, drawings

10 July – 14 August
by appointment after July 31

Vernissage Sunday 10 July 13:00 – 17:30 hours



Over a time span of three months, 11,387 artists and scientists from more than 140 different countries registered on the application website to receive information about the application process for the selection of the 18th Solitude generation. Among them 2,903 candidates handed in their applications.

All in all 58 fellows from 33 countries have been selected by the jury out of seven different spheres of practice. With the finalization of the selection process, the fellowship program of Akademie Schloss Solitude has been defined until the end of 2024.
The awarded grant per fellow amounts to 1,200 Euros per month.

Six of the selected fellows are from Ukraine, five from India, three from Iran, two each from Nigeria, Poland, Canada, Australia and Brazil as well as one from Myanmar. Eight of the selected fellows live in Germany (four have been awarded a fellowship in the German literature sphere of practice ), the other selected fellows come from 23 more countries. The majority of the fellows come from Asia, South America and Africa. Only 16 fellows come from Europe.

As usual, many of the selected artists and scientists don’t live in the country they were born and raised but often have more than one place of residence in different countries.

In October 2022 the first fellows of the new generation will arrive. Further arrival dates will be April 2023, October 2023 and April 2024.

I am happy to announce that my arrival at the residency will take place in April 2024!


Group show ‘Van Oerbeest tot rokende croissant. Aanwinsten en topstukken’ Stedelik Museum Schidam


I am so happy to go 6 weeks  Italy to produce some textile works at the Residency in Lottozero,Prato, IT


Delighted to be represented by Maurits van de Laar Gallery to go to Drawing Now! Paris and Solo Projects Brussels!

March – April 2022


Havana Biennial, Cuba    

February 2022

New review on my solo ‘ What are you looking at?’ written by Romy Zwart:


8th February 

Post Ex presents its first outdoor project entitled Post-turismo: a series of group shows curated by Giuliana Benassi, which will take place in the city centre of Rome. 

The third show will take place from the 8 to the 13 of February 2022 in Via Tasso 161 (San Giovanni area) with the artists Elena Bellantoni, Michela de Mattei, Antonio Fiorentino, Susanna Inglada, Marta Mancini, Lou Masduraud, Gabriele Silli. On this occasion, the exhibited artworks have been conceived to overlay the existing furniture of the b&b as foreign bodies: animals and monstrous presences that invade and fuse with the space. 

more info click here.


28th October 

Exhibition in Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao,Es
Group show Residents of Academia de España en Roma, IT


16th October2021- 16th February 2022

Solo show in Drawing Center Diepenheim.


Art on Paper in Bozar , Brussels  click here for the online catalogue

16 through 19 September 2021, BOZAR, 23 Rue Ravenstein Brussels
more information at 


Put Your Finger



Curator Radek Váña invited Susanna Inglada (1983), Merel Noorlander and Stephanie Rizaj for the exhibition Put Your Finger at the Emil Filla Gallery in Prague. The focus is on a reassessment of the relationship of Western – American society with the rest of the world, until recently determined by a sense of supremacy stemming from our colonial past. In the exhibition, the three artists put their finger on the often sore spots of the subject.

08-06 through 31-07-2021, Emil Fila Gallery Prague
more info at:

June 2021

Art Rotterdam represented by  Maurits van der Laar

June 2021

Drawing Room , Madrid with Maurits van der Laar, ES

December 2020

Thanks to Mondriaan Fonds for Granting me with the Establish artist Grant!

November 2020

I am going to EKWC for a Residency period of 10 weeks!

4.February.2021 – 07.February.2021

I am going to Art Rotterdam with Gallery Maurits van der Laar. In the 2021 edition of the fair, my pieces will be shown along with works by Dirk Zoete and Andrea Freckmann.

26.November.2020 – 17.January.2021

Susanna Inglada, Crowds at Gallery Bart during Amsterdam Gallery Weekend. Link: Amsterdam Art Weekend info.

6.September.2020 – 4.October.2020

Susanna Inglada, Charlotte Schleiffert

works on paper, drawings

During the lockdown, Susanna Inglada (1983) was an artist in residence at the Accademia di Spagna in Rome. Here she made a series of new works on paper: Faces and Crowds, collaged portraits, and accumulations of arms and hands. What stands out is her use of color has become more pronounced during her stay in Rome. Charlotte Schleiffert(1967)  once was Inglada’s mentor. Her drawings have similar intensity and vehemence as Inglada’s theatrical work on paper.


Exhibition at Kasteel-Oud-Rekem



Exhibition from the Residency Program at Spanish Academy in Rome. I have a solo presentation ongoing until December, go see it!


Granted by AECID to go to the Real Spanish Academy in Rome for 5 months.

for more info click here. 
Here a short video about the stay there:

06.February.2020 – 09.February.2020

Thankful to go to Art Rotterdam with a Solo Presentation with Maurits van de Laar. For more info click here

15.November.2019 – 8.March.2020

Delighted and thankful to the jury for choosing me as a winner of the Scheffer Prize (Vereniging Dordrecht Museum)!!

The solo show opens on the 15th of November at Dordrecht Museum.

Running program 2019-2020

Super happy to be selected as one of the three Yong Grunn III artists to follow a year program in collaboration with Groningen Museum and NP3

Click here for more info

26.September.2019 – 30.September.2019

Art on Paper Amsterdam with 4 lino print in Oeke Witteveen Stand.

22.June.2019 – 22.September.2019

Group Exhibition in Ten Bogaerde Koksijde, BE With:  Laure Forêt, Athar Jaber, Enrique Marty, Stefan Papco, Peter Rogiers and  Anne Wenzel Curator Els Wuyts


Group Exhibition at Stadarchief Amsterdam(Drawing state Archive), NL


Group Exhibition-Residency Dordtyard, Dordrecht , NL

31.January.2019 – 28.April.2019

Winner of Generaciones 2019 Prize !! organized by Casa Encendida, Madrid, ES + info

Among the almost 400 participants, the jury composed of Susana Blas, commissioner and editor of Metróplis RTVE, Natxo Checa, Director of Zè Dos Bois, Lisboa and Octavio Zaya, independent curator and Director of Atlantica (CAAM), Boston / New York has selected the 8 winning projects.

These are the eight artists and projects that have been winners: Sae Aparicio (Ávila, 1982) with Prosthesis for invertebrates; Ana Barriga (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, 1984) with the workshop of the flies; Mario Espliego (Guadalajara, 1983) with throats stitched, ankles tied; Ana García Pineda (Barcelona, 1982) with gentlemen sitting tracing lines; Ignacio García Sánchez (Madrid, 1987) with Amaurot World’s Fair; Susanna Inglada (Tarragona, 1983) with Nails and teeth; Raisa Maudit (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1986) with A small failed serenade and Lucia Moreno (Basel, Switzerland, 1982) with My Advice to Eva.

An exhibition will be hold  in La Casa Encendida, Madrid


I am participating at Drawing Now!!!!!   in Paris represented by Maurits van de Laar

11.April.2019- 14.April.2019

My work is going to Hamburg 🙂


Group exhibition end residency program HISK  , Show me tomorrow we will go there.



Upcoming Group Show on drawing in Gallery Maurits van de Laar, Den Haag, NL

with: Cedric ter Bals, Shary Boyle and Marjolijn van der Mei.


Group show Central Museum Utrecht + info

The exhibition The line up emphasizes drawing as an activity. So it’s not so much about the resulting image, but more about the artist’s approach to and process of drawing. The exhibition explores the huge diversity to be found in these respects. Featured artists include Philip Akkerman, Armando, Constant, Florette Dijkstra, Marlene Dumas, Susanna Inglada, Paul Klemann, Natasja Kensmil, Iris Kensmil, Marijn van Kreij, Mark Manders, Erik Odijk, Mathias Poledna, Anna Ridler, Jan Schoonhoven, Mounira al Solh, Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Koen Taselaar & Michael Tedja. The exhibition is curated in collaboration with the Utrecht artist Robbie Cornelissen (1954).

20.October- 10.November.2018

Group Exhibition at Tielt

13.09.2018 – 16.09.2018

Art on Paper Amsterdam. Represented by Witteveen Galerie. More info Here

26.05.2018 – 19.08.2018

Kunsthal KAdE  Exhibition ‘Krijt’

Marijn Akkermans (NL, 1975) | Jitske Bakker (NL, 1982) | Joseph Beuys (DE, 1921 – 1986) | Nik Christensen (GB, 1973) | Marcel van Eeden (NL, 1965) | Hanneke Francken (NL, 1976) | Lenneke van der Goot (NL, 1979) | Susanna Inglada (ES, 1983) | Arno Kramer (NL, 1945) | Bart Lodewijks (NL, 1972) | Romy Muijrers (NL, 1990) | Juan Muñoz (ES, 1953 – 2001) | Marc Nagtzaam (NL, 1968) | Nemanja Nikolić (RS, 1987) | Thomas Raat (NL, 1979) | Roland Sohier (NL, 1950) | Rudolf Steiner (HR, 1861-1925) | Guy Vording (NL, 1985) | Witte Wartena (NL, 1976) | Marjolijn de Wit (NL, 1979) | Marthe Zink (NL, 1990) more info


Winner 2nd prize Guasch Coranty Barcelona, ES  + info

This International Painting Prize has been consolidated as one of the most important in the State for its resources, the quality of the artists participating and for its jury, made up of people from the world of art of recognized international value . The winners of the edition of this year have been  Xavier Ristol Orriols for the work Sense Títol ( 1st prize) , Susanna Inglada, for  Detalle de instalación “Ojos de Oro” (2nd prize ) and Yann Letto for The Muse and the landscape (3rd prize)

25.05.2018 — 27.05.2018

Soft Elements of Some Violent Tendencies
Kunsthal Extra City, Antwerp

18.05.2018 – 21.05.2018

Open Studios HISK


Duo Exhibition with Sam Ballet at DAK , Utrecht


Duo Exhibition with Marijn Akkermans at Witteveen Drawing, Amsterdam

7.09.2017 – 13.09.2017

Witteveen Drawing  ~ Loods 6 ~ opening with Diana Wind 7 september at 18:00.
Opening time:  17.00 -21.00 pm.
Sunday special book presentations

Participating Artists: Ron Amir, Gijs Assmann, Pedro Bakker, Margo van Berkum, Pieter Bijwaard, Constant, Maurice van Daalen, Brieke Drost, Hanneke Francken, Lenneke van der Goot, Kim Habers, Rosemin Hendriks, Nora Hooijer, Susanna Inglada, Niels Janssen, Marleen Kappe, Arno Kramer, Mohamed Lekleti, Erik Mattijssen, Carlijn Mens, Romy Muijers, Jans Muskee, Rachida Post, Marisa Rappard, Alexandra Roozen, Rob Scholte, Guy Vording, Rozemarijn Westerink, Hans de Wit, Thijs Zweers


Solo Exhibition at Museum Folkwang, Essen, DE
Opening 23.06.2017 at 18:30:
Artist Talk with a collaborative performance with Tashi Iwaoka and Pau Sola Masafrets.


Museu Folkwang Susanna Inglada


Open Studios at HISK.

Friday 19 05 2017 – 14:00 > 20:00
Saturday 20 05 2017 – 14:00 > 20:00
Sunday 21 05 2017 – 14:00 > 20:00
Monday 22 05 2017 – 14:00 > 20:00

Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten
Higher Institute for Fine Arts
Charles de Kerchovelaan 187a
B-9000 Gent
Phone +32 9 269 67 60

Thanks to

 Logo downloads EN web rood


Group Exhibition at Little HISK, during Art Weekend in Antwerp,BE


20.01.2017/ 30.12.2018

Resident artist at HISK, supported by

Logo downloads EN web rood


Group show Maelström at Arti et Amicitiae during Museum Night Amsterdam.
Exhibition curated by Arjen Lancel, Frans Franciscus and Radek Vana.


23.10.2016 / 31.12.2016

Artist in Residence program in 18th Street in Santa Monica,  Los Angeles, CA.
18th street Art Center Santa Monica


Artist in Residence program in La Embajada, Mexico DF

18th Street and La embajada Art in Residency are Supported by

Logo downloads EN web rood


Artist Talk at Casa Vecina, a cultural center for Art in Mexico.


A Duo Show with Natalia Ossef  at Allard Wildenberg Art Projects, Naarden-Vesting
Amsterdam Drawing Art Fair 2016, represented by Allard Wildenberg Art Projects



Handelsblad published an interesting article about our exhibition in Diepenheim and about Drawing Front. My work is shown on the cover of the Cultureel Supplement.




Group show, drawing exhibition:




Article Spanish newspaper Diari el 3 de 8, about my work in Prospects & Concepts and in the Kunsthal.





Mondriaan Fund shows Talent in Art Rotterdam 2016

PC_save the date_201612669627_991313017628332_1846368765015310556_n

Link Mondriaan Funds:



I am exited to announce  a solo show in Kunsthal Rotterdam,  where I am working with a site specific work in Hall 6, KunstLicht #13
The opening will be the 14th of February with Artist Talk at 15.30 h , Noor Mertens, curator van Prospects & Concepts* is going to have a conversation  with Susanna Inglada.

Link Kunsthal:

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-06 a les 19.05.22for-web16


You are invited to see our group show in Sala Petita in Galeria Sicart, Vilafranca del Penedes, Barcelona, SP.

Opening Saturday 21st  of November at 13:00.


You are invited to see our group show in Nijmegen, Gallery Bart:

De taal van materiaal _mail 2015

31.10.2015- 06.11.2015

Is a pleasure to inform you that I got accepted to follow a Master Class week program in Van Eyck Academie named, THE DRIVE OF DRAWING led by Robbie Cornelissen. The course will be followed with an exhibition that will be presented at the end of the program.

See more

21.03.2015- 03.05.2015  Group exhibition  Gallery Bart Amsterdam

(I will present a new installation)

Niels van Bunningen, Susanna Inglada and Raoul Kramer
Opening: Saturday 21 March, 4-6 PM

web_susanna raoul niels

01.02.2015- 30.03.2015

Period of Residence in Stichting BAD Rotterdam , ending show 20.03.2015 connected to South Explorer Charlois.

Artist talk  07.02.2015  Borgerstraat 24, Rotterdam.

I take part of the Artweek Rotterdam by having an artist talk in a presentation of 35 national and international artists in the SKAR studio building at Borgerstraat 24 in Rotterdam, at a five minute walk fromArtRotterdam. The 2015 edition of Open Studios will present the home-artists and a presentation of 15 guest-artists of Rotterdam based art-initiatives and selected students of Willem the Kooning Academy. There will also be a side program of artist-talks.Links :                 link on Facebook


31.01.2015 / 1.03.2015

Winner of the contest to be part of the exhibition Visual Art Biennale  in Vilafranca del Penedes ( Barcelona).



Participating in the Rundgang / Winter Tour  Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany

01.12.2015- 15.01.2015

Residence in Halle 14 , Spinnerei , Leipzig

(Text in German)

Captura de pantalla 2014-12-08 a les 15.49.18

Link to the web site


Open Studio  exhibition  at Pilotenkeuche


01.10.2014 -30.11.2014

Working as a resident in Pilotenkueche, Spinnerei, Leipzig.

27.09.2014 – 28.09.2014

Group Exhibition in Kunst & Complex.


02.07.2014   Review Open Studio

The open studio was a big success, thanks to everyone who visited. In case you missed it: see the review here.


21.06.2014   Open Studio


10.06.1014   Exhibition in Mexico

Captura de pantalla 2014-06-05 a les 00.12.49


30.04.2014   Mondriaan Fonds

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13.4.2014   Artist talk

Captura de pantalla 2014-04-11 a les 14.12.20

Art Week Rotterdam 2014


01.01.2014   Nominee George Verberg Stipendium 2013

Captura de pantalla 2014-01-18 a les 6.43.53 PM

Hanzehogeschool Groningen

01.12.2013   Residence in Kunst & Complex

I will be resident in Kunst & Complex from January-June 2013. The residence will end with an open studio-exhibition. Dates to be announced.

Kunst & Complex

15.11.2013  Galerie Fruitvlieg

Galerie Fruitvlieg at Worm, Rotterdam
With the artists: Daniel Bennett, Amy Wu, Silvia Scaglioni, Joey Verberkt, Albert Jongstra and Susanna Inglada.
From 14:00 until 18:00. For more information, see:

Captura de pantalla 2013-11-14 a les 9.53.50 AM

 01.10.2013   De Nieuwe Oogst 2013

From  October untill December 2013 in Gallery Bart, Nijmegen:


01.06.2013   Graduation Masters Painting

Graduation Masters Painting at Sign+ Gallery, Groningen. More info:
Sign+ Art space in Groningen, Graduation Show Frank Mohr Institute, Painting Masters 2013



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