Frames of Thinking

Frames of Thinking is an art exhibition and event, initiated by Susanna Inglada, during the Rotterdam Art Weekend 2014.


Starting up

Frames of Thinking is an exhibition where we raise the question: Where does our creative thinking come from? What will happen with your creative ideas when you are in a place where there are no restrictions? You might see the Poortgebouw as a place without boundaries, people here create their own way of living.

To create this independent exhibition and to transform the attic into an art space we wanted to build mobile walls. Therefore we organized a benefit party. This was a great success. We raised enough money to finance our own exhibition.

In fine arts they say everything is possible. When you can use any medium and create your own concept it might be difficult to start somewhere. Is there a frame needed to reach the essence of your work? And what kind of responsibilities you have to take to create a free way of living.

We posted an open call for artist who felt connected with this subject. Each artist created their own frame.

We did it for the rock ‘n roll and art.
Dóra Benyó and Susanna Inglada


The flyer











Building the Walls





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