Banyeres del Penedes, Spain (1983)
Based in the Netherlands.


2017 – 2018 HISK, Advanced Studies & Practice-based Research in Visual Arts, Gent, BE
2012 – 2013 MFA Frank Mohr Institute (FMI in collaboration with University Rug, Groningen and Hunter College, New York), Groningen, NL
2002 – 2007 Fine Arts, University from Barcelona, ES
2007  University of Barcelona, Teaching Certificate in Art Education (CAP), Barcelona, ES
2004 – 2006 ”La Casona” Theater studies, Barcelona, ES
2001 – 2002 Arts applied on the wall, Art school Tarragona, ES



2021 Work projected on the 50m high Tower from Stedelijk Museum Schidam, NL
2021 Drawing Room online fair, Madrid, ES
2021 Solo at Drawing Center Diepenheim Museum, NL
2021 ArtRotterdam with Maurits van der Laar,NL
2021 the-Solo-Project Brussels, BE ( moved to 2022 due COVID)
2021 Emil Filla Gallery in Usti nad Labem in the Czech Republic, CZ
2021 Academia de España en Roma Show in Bilbao, ES


2020 Solo at ART Rotterdam  in solo/duo section with Gallery Maurits, NL
2020 (online due COVID) Real Academia de España en Roma Open Studios, IT
2020 (now) Final Show Real Academia de España en Roma, IT
2020 (now) Collaboration with NP3 and Groningen Museum, Grun Artist III, NL
2020 Duo with Charlotte Schleiffert at Galerie Maurits van der Laar, Den Haag, NL
2020 (now) Duo Gallery Bart Amsterdam with Jin Shan, Amsterdam, NL
2020  Biennal Paper in Museum Rijswijk, Den Haag, NL
2020 Group exhibition Drawing Room online fair with gallery Maurits van der Laar, Lisboa, PT
2020 Exhibition ‘Mirrors of Time’ in Castle Oud-Rekem, BE

2019 Solo Exhibition Winner Scheffer Prize, Dordrecht Museum, NL
2019 Group show SIGN gallery Groningen, NL
2019 Art on Paper Amsterdam, NL
2019 Exhibition Winner Prize Generaciones 2019, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, ES
2019 Duo at Drawing Now! represented by Gallery Maurits van de Laar, Paris, FR
2019 Group Exhibition How to stretch a canvas, Westwerk, Hamburg, DE
2019 Group Exhibition at Stadarchief Amsterdam(Drawing state Archive), NL
2019 Exhibition-Residency Dordtyard, Dordrecht, NL
2019 Group Exhibition in Ten Bogaerde Koksijde, BE

2018 Open studios HISK, BE
2018 Group Show at Kunsthal Kade Amersfoort, NL
2018 Group Exhibition winner 2nd prize Guasch Coranty Barcelona, ES
2018 Group Exhibition during Art Weekend Amberes Extra City, BE
2018 Group Exhibition Art on Paper Amsterdam. Represented by Witteveen Art Galerie, Amsterdam, NL
2018 Group Exhibition Ter Wereld, Group Exhibition at Tielt, BE
2018 Group Exhibition Centraal Museum Utrecht, NL
2018 Group Show on drawing in Gallery Maurits van de Laar, Den Haag, NL
2018 Commission work for the City Archive of Amsterdam, From who is the City? , Amsterdam, NL
2018 Group Show, Show me tomorrow, we will go there, HISK laureates 2018, BE

2017 Duo Exhibition with Marijn Akkermans at Witteveen Drawing, Amsterdam, NL
2017 Group Witteveen Drawing  ~ Loods 6 ~ opening with Diana Wind, Amsterdam, NL
2017 Duo Exhibition at DAK, Utrecht, NL
2017 Group show in ART Den Haag represented by Allard Wildenberg Project Space, NL
2017 Open Studios at HISK, Gent, BE
2017 Group Exhibition at Littel HISK, during Art Weekend in Antwerp, BE
2017 Solo Exhibition at Museum Folkwang, Essen, DE

2016 Solo Exhibition in 18th street Art Center in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA
2016 Group Exhibition in Maelström, Museum Night Amsterdam at Ati et Amicitiae, curated by Radek Vana, Arjen Lancel, and F. Franciscus, Amsterdam, NL
2016 Presentation Encuentro con Susanna Inglada in Casa Vecina, Mexico City, MEX
2016 Duo Show with Natalia Ossef  at Allard Wildenberg Art Projects, Naarden-Vesting, NL
2016 Amsterdam Drawing Art Fair 2016, represented by Allard Wildenberg Art Projects, NL
2016 Group Exhibition Drawing Front, curated by Arno Kramer and Nanette Kraaikamp Drawing Center Diepenheim, NL
2016 Solo show in Museum Kunsthal Rotterdam, NL
2016 Group Exhibition Prospects and Concepts from Mondriaan Fonds in the Art Rotterdam Fair 2016, NL

2015 Group Exhibition in El Portal del Pardo Gallery in El Vendrell, SP
2015 Group Exhibition in Sala Petita in Galery Sicart, Vilafranca del Penedes, SP
2015 Group Exhibition in Gallery Bart Nijmegen, NL
2015 Exhibition in Van Eyck Academie as a result of the Master Class, THE DRIVE OF DRAWING led by Robbie Cornelissen, Maastricht, NL
2015 Exhibition (group show)  in Gallery Bart, Amsterdam, NL
2015 Exhibition (group show) in  Art Biennale in Vilafranca del Penedes, Barcelona.SP
2015 Exhibition Halle 14, Herbst Rundgang / Winter Tour @ Spinnerei, Leipzig, DE

2014 Exhibition (group show), Pilotenkeuche Studio Program, Spinnerei, Leipzig, DE
2014 Exhibition (group show) Open Studio in Kunts & Complex, Rotterdam, NL
2014 Artist Talk at Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam, NL
2014 Exhibition (solo show) Open Studio in Kunst & Complex, Rotterdam, NL
2014 Exhibition (group show) El Hombre Ha Muerto, an exhibition of drawings by Dutch and Mexican artists, Casa de la Cultura de Tabasco, Mexico DF, MEX
2014 Exhibition (group show) Frames of Thinking, Art initiative, Rotterdam, NL
2014 Exhibition (group show) at Worm Rotterdam, NL

2013 Exhibition  (group show) best graduates OOGST2013 in Gallery Bart, Nijmegen, NL
2013 Exhibition (duo show) Graduation Show, Gallery Sign+, Groningen, NL
2013 Exhibition (group show) Masters from Frank Mohr, in Old Post Office, Vismarkt, Groningen, NL

2012 Exhibition (group show) in Defka, FMI Masters, Assen, NL
2012 Exhibition (group show) Couple Zaal, FMI Masters, Groningen, NL
2012 Exhibition (group show )Stichting WEB, Art initiative , Groningen, NL


2020-21 EKWC European Ceramic Residency Sunday Morning, NL
2020 Art in Residency in La Academia de España en Roma, IT
2019 Studio program at Het Hem, Amsterdam, NL
2019 Art in Residency at Drodtyard, Dordrecht, NL
2019 Art in Residency Center Piramedon Barcelona, ES
2017 Art in Residency Frans Massarel, BE
2016 Art In Residence La embajada DF, Mexico
2016 Art in Residence 18th Street in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA
2015 Hubert van Eyck Academie, Master Class, The Drive of Drawing led by Robbie Cornelissen, Maastricht, NL
2014 November – January  Art in Residence in Halle 14, Spinnerei,  Leipzig, DE
2014 October – November Art in Residence in Pilotenkeuche, Spinnerei, Leipzig, DE
2014 January-September Guest Studio in Kunst and Complex Rotterdam, NL
2008 Willem de Kooning, Erasmus exchange program, Rotterdam, NL


2021 Grant for Establish Artist, Mondriaan Fonds, NL
2020 Stokroos Grant for EKWC, NL
2020 Spanish Academy in Rome AECID Grant , ES
2019 Winner Scheffer Prijs , Dordrecht Museum, NL
2019 Longlisted Prix de Rome , NL
2019 YGA III, NP3 and Groninger Museum Program Award, NL
2018 Winner Generaciones 2019 Prize, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, ES
2018 Winner 2nd International Prize Guasch Coranty, Barcelona, ES
2017 -2018 Vrije Bijdrage Praktijkverdieping Grand Mondriaan funds supporting the HISK residency program.
2016 Vrije Bijdrage Praktijkverdieping Grand Mondriaan funds, to go to Los Angeles and Mexico.
2014 Grand/Stipendium Jong Talent from Mondrian Fund, NL
2014 Mentor program with Charlotte Schleiffert, with Mondriaan fonds and Cultuur-ondernemen, Rotterdam, NL
2013 Nominated for George Verberg Grant 2013, Groningen, NL


2021 WobbyCluib TV  Rissograph Magazine , NL
2021 2021 Interview METAL MAgazine ES
2021 interview Las Furias Magazine ES
2020Catalog Biennale Papier, Museum Rijkswijk, NL
2020 Museum Tijdschrift, Summer edition, Virtuoze werelden van Papier, article writen by Machteld Leijd, NL
2020 Metropolis M Nagels en tanden, bijten en krabben – Susanna Inglada in het Dordrechts Museum by Manus Groenen , NL
2019 Promotion film/intervew  Dordtyart, NL
2019 Metropolis Spanish TVprogram at national channel TV2, ES
2019 Catalog Generaciones 2019, La Casa Encendida, ES
2019 Article Masdearte, El reinado de la instalacion, ES
2019 Article  Hablar del dibujo y teatralizarlo,ES
2018 Catalog Foundation Guasch Couranty Prize, ES
2018 What beauty, what calm, I have seen the clouds and, far away, their faint shadow. Edited by Wilfried Huet, BE
2017 Publication Ojos de Oro, Exhibition 6 1/2 Weeks, Musem Folkwang, DE
2016 Publication Prospects and Concepts presented at Art Rotterdam.NL
2016 Publication Vreemde Gewontees Kunsthal Rotterdam, NL

Art initiatives

2014 Exhibition Frames of Thinking, Rotterdam, Poortgebouw, NL
2015 ARTCRIT Rotterdam, NL
2009-2010 Red Corner Gallery Artspace, Rotterdam,  NL


Spanish Academy in Rome Collection
Erasmus University Rotterdam
NOG Collection
Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, NL
Dordrecht Museum,NL
Museum Folkwang, DE
Amsterdam City Archive, NL
Fundacion Monte Madrid, ES
Fundacio Guasch County Barcelona,ES
Private collections in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, and Germany.


2018 Amsterdam Drawing Archive.
2016 Drawing Serie for MetropolisM on two Musicals:  Cally Spooner & Michael Portnoy.

Artist Talk & others

2016 Artist talk at Kunsthal Rotterdam.
2016 St Joost Art School.
2017 Member of the Jury For Klaas Dijkstra Fonds.
2019 Artist Talk at Dordrecht Museum
2019 Artist Talk at Groningen Musem

About my work

Using a restricted palette, I create scenes, characters, and symbols, which together make a work of associations, fragmented in the space. The scenes and characters get eliminated from the places where they belong, through visual deconstruction and abstraction, deliberately eliminating or minimalizing the background into black and white spaces or abstract shapes. This opens doors to new interpretations. I am inspired by Spanish and Catalan culture, history and politics. Violence and Power are topics that intrigue me.